Home to the last indigenous tribe of Europe; Sami, the most beautiful fjords the world knows and to overpriced beer. Norway is the place trolls call home and the Vikings once did too. It’s incredibly beautiful and if it wasn’t on your bucketlist before, it should be now.


Fun Facts

Norway Profile

The local currency is Norwegian krone.

Here you find the current exchange rate.

Church of Norway (Evangelical Lutheran – official) 82.1%, other Christian 3.9%, Muslim 2.3%, Roman Catholic 1.8%, other 2.4%, unspecified 7.5%.

Norwegian 94.4% (includes Sami, about 60,000), other European 3.6%, other 2%.

Bokml Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities note: Sami is an official language in nine municipalities.

Where is Norway?

Norway is situated in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. It extends about 1,770 km from the North Sea along the Norwegian Sea to more than 483 km above the Arctic Circle. 

Is Norway safe?

The crime rate is low; however, petty crime (pickpocketing and purse snatching) occurs, particularly during the summer tourist season.

Do I need a visa for Norway?

It depends on the country you are from. Check here if you need a visa to travel to Norway.


The Easter festival has begun

The Easter festival has begun

We have been in Kautokeino for several days and it is only getting better. The Easter celebrations have now started.This does not mean that there are unwise activities all day long. In fact, the opposite. During the day there is very little to do in...

Visiting the Sami during Easter

Visiting the Sami during Easter

To get to our final destination, we have to change trains once at Oslo airport and then drive for 7 hours from Tromsø via Finland. But, we are used to something. We also took this route two years ago.Then we braved snow storms and ice slippery...