Fun Facts of Italy

Italy has a free wine fountain

In Caldari di Ortona in Italy you can find a free wine fountain. It flows 24 hours a day with locally grown red wine.

The fontana di vino can be found in the Dora Sarchese vineyard, which sits on the Italian pilgrimage route of Cammino di San Tommaso.

See you there?


1. See Naples, eat pizza and die

Once one has seen the Italian city of Naples, one can die peacefully, since nothing else can match its beauty. We don’t agree. Well, not entirely. Because it’s ridiculous to just see Naples and die without eating the world’s most delicious pizza!

The first modern pizza, with a tomato base, was made in the Campania region of Naples in 1860. Since then, it has become one of the most beloved foods on the planet. Although the humble pizza has gone through many changes over time, the world’s most delicious pizza can still be found in Naples today. Buon Appetito!

2. Pasta dates back to the 4th century B.C.

Pasta is a crucial part of Italian culture, with many of the world’s best pasta dishes created in Italy. And they’ve had time to perfect their craft. There is evidence that pasta dishes in Italy date back as far as the 4th century B.C. after historians found paintings in a pre-Roman Italian tomb thought to depict pasta-making equipment. 

3. Pizza, Pasta and of course Espresso

It’s well known that Italians adore their coffee. Apparently they enjoy 14 billion espressos each year! That’s impressive for a country with a population of just over 60 million.

Most Italians drink their daily coffee in local cafés and over 20,000 Italians work as baristas. Many people also get their fix at home, with the average household consuming 37kg of coffee each year. They almost beat the Dutch… 

4. €3,000 is thrown in the Fontana di Trevi each day!

When in Rome many people visit the Fontana di Trevi, a beautiful fountain in the centre of the city. Tourists throw coins for luck or returning to Rome in the fountain. About €3,000 worth of change each day is thrown in the fountain. The money is collected and donated to charity, including subsidizing a supermarket in Rome for those in need. 

The tradition of throwing coins into the fountain stems from a local legend that says if you toss a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome one day. The 1950s film “Three Coins in the Fountain” inspired a second legend that says if you toss two more coins, you’ll find a new romance and have a gorgeous Roman wedding.

5. Italy has over 2,500 types of cheese

The Dutch are called cheeseheads and yes we do love our cheese. Maybe that’s why we love Italy so much. They have the highest variety of cheeses in teh world, with over 2,500 traditional cheeses. From parmesan to mozzarella and from provolone to gorgonzola. It is also the third-largest cheese producer in the European Union, behind France and Germany. 

6. The last king of Italy ruled for 36 days

Italy was a dictatoship until 1945, though it had a royal family until 1946. The country voted to become a republic after WWII. Thus, King Umberto II ruled from 9th of May till 12th of June 1946. He’s known as “the May King”. And ended his days exiled in Portugal.

7. Vatican City is the world’s smallest country

The Vatican City in Rome covers just 1000 acres. It became a sovereign nation in 1929. And the Pope is head of state. The Vatican’s economy is mainly fuelled by donations.

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