Fun Facts of Croatia

European Walls of China

The Walls of Ston are the longest preserved fortification system in the world after the Great Wall of China. It was built in the 14th and 15th centuries as an additional defence for the Republic of Ragua – Dubrovnic.

The walls also consist three fortresses: Veliki Kastil (in Ston), Korula (in Mali Ston) and Prodzvizd Fort. It once stretched 7km’s but parts were destroyed so now it’s about 5km’s long.

1. One of the few places to see the Monk Seal

the Mediterranean monk seal is sensationally making a comeback in Croatia. It is a monk seal belonging to the family Phocidae. It is estimated that fewer than 700 individuals survive in three or four isolated subpopulations in the Mediterranean, in the Aegean Sea, the archipelago of Madeira and the Cabo Blanco area in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean.

2. Croatia has 1,244 islands, islets and reefs

In the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea there are 718 islands, 389 islets and 78 reefs. This makes the Croatian archipelago the largest in the Adriatic Sea and the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, after the Greek archipelago.

Of the 718 islands, only 47 are inhabited in the sense that at least one person resides on that island.

3. It is illegal to pick an Iris flower in Croatia

The Iris is the national flower of Croatia and therefore it is illegal to pick this protected flower. The Croatian name is ‘perunika’ and was inspired by Slavic mythology. The name Perunika comes from the names of the god Perun and his wife, goddess Perunika. The old tales say that wherever lightning from the god Perun struck the ground, Irises in various colours would bloom.

4. The first sewage system of the world

In 1296 Dubrovnik built a sewage system which is still in use today, making it the oldest medieval sewage system of Europe. And archaeological investigations in the historical centre of Dubrovnik are still continuing. 


5. One of the first to abolish slavery

Dubrovnik was one of the very first in Europe, after Venice. to change the law and make the abhorrent slave trade illegal. On the 27th of January 1416 Dubrovnik, an autonomous republic, formally abolished slavery, the transportation of slaves and the idea of one person being able to own another.

6. The smallest town is in the Guinness Book of Records

There is no formal or actual record of Hum being recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest city in the world, still it is referred to as such and recognized throughout the world. The town called “Hum” has a population of only 17 people.

7. Highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods

Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods of any European county. 14 goods to be exact. The list of culturally curated traditions includes crafts like lacemaking and wooden toy carving, as well as a host of festivals, music customs, and delicious cuisine.

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For three weeks we crossed through this beautiful and interesting country. We tasted many wines, olives and anything else we could devour. Crossed from highlight to highlight and from story to story.

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