Ah, Albania, the country that surprises everyone. 70% of the country is a mountaineous highland region, it’s incredible! The rest of the land contains nearly all of the country’s agricultural land and also it’s beautiful white sandy beaches. Skip that flight to the Caribbean and book your trip to Albania instead!


Fun Facts

Albania Profile

The local currency is Lek.

Here you find the current exchange rate.

Muslim 56.7%, Roman Catholic 10%, Orthodox 6.8%, atheist 2.5%, Bektashi (a Sufi order) 2.1%, other 5.7%, unspecified 16.2% (2011 est.)

Albanian 82.6%, Greek 0.9%, other 1% (including Vlach, Roma (Gypsy), Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Egyptian), unspecified 15.5% (2011 est.)

Albanian 98.8% (official – derived from Tosk dialect), Greek 0.5%, other 0.6% (including Macedonian, Roma, Vlach, Turkish, Italian, and Serbo-Croatian), unspecified 0.1% (2011 est.)

Where is Albania?

Albania is situated on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, with Montenegro and Serbia to the north, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south.

Is Albania Safe?

According to the UK foreign office public safety in Albania is generally good. There are very few reports of crime aimed at foreigners or tourists. Although pickpocketing of course happens. Albania is one of the least dangerous places in Europe. 

Do I need a visa for Albania?

It depends on the country you are from. Check here if you need a visa to travel to Albania.


Impressions of the Balkans

Impressions of the Balkans

We have now truly exited the Balkans. We said goodbye to this wonderful part of the world, but not for forever cause im sure we will be back. Not only did the many many beehives show me there is a lot to learn here, but also did the very very expensive cars in rural...

The Caribbean of Albania

The Caribbean of Albania

Goats crossing the road, deserted gas stations and bee-friendly flowers. Turquoise rivers, rocky roads and green hillsides. High mountains, deep valleys and farming villages. Friendly people, delicious börek pie and raki’s in the morning glory. Lake ferries, white...

Roads go ever on and on

Roads go ever on and on

From Ohrid we travelled back to Albania to explore the South. We took the SH75 and oh my is that a beautiful road. Okay, it didn’t start so great, through the outskirts of a small town, slaloming in and out of stalled cars, horses and holes in the road. Then going up...

From the lake ferry to maffia in the valley

From the lake ferry to maffia in the valley

Entering Albania is not a big deal. They do not ask for a PCR test and do not even care if we have a valid car insurance. Anyway, we have no idea where to go in Albania so we decide to go to the North. From Shkoder we take the worst road we had until now to Koman....