Montenegro is a jumbled mass of mountains but also has a coastline (not too impressive), beautiful villages (Kotor!) and shares the Skodor lake with Albania. We truly enjoyed the food, the people and the incredible nature. 


Fun Facts

Montenegro Profile

The local currency is the Euro.

Here you find the current exchange rate.

Orthodox 72.1%, Muslim 19.1%, Catholic 3.4%, atheist 1.2%, other 1.5%, unspecified 2.6%.

Montenegrin 45%, Serbian 28.7%, Bosniak 8.7%, Albanian 4.9%, Muslim 3.3%, Roma 1%, Croat 1%, other 2.6%, unspecified 4.9%.

Serbian 42.9%, Montenegrin (official) 37%, Bosnian 5.3%, Albanian 5.3%, Serbo-Croat 2%, other 3.5%, unspecified 4%.

Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro has a small coastline along the Adriatic, borders Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Is Montenegro safe?

Montenegro is a very safe country to visit. It’s crime rate is fairly low. Montenegrin people are very warm and friendly.

Do I need a visa for Montenegro?

It depends on the country you are from. Check here if you need a visa to travel to Montenegro.


Impressions of the Balkans

Impressions of the Balkans

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Six days in Montenegro

Six days in Montenegro

The country of the black mountains, if it’s name was rightly chosen. We would find out soon enough. Crossing the border Dubrovnik was our last stop in Croatia, and it was a good one. Save the best for last right? A new country also means a new border crossing. And...