Bulgaria surprised us very much. It’s green, diverse and has lots of history. We chilled in hot springs, had delicious food and explored some ancient monasteries. Bulgaria is much more than Sofia and sunny beach. Check it out for yourself.


Fun Facts

Bulgaria Profile

The local currency is Lev.

Here you find the current exchange rate.

Eastern Orthodox 59.4%, Muslim 7.8%, other (including Catholic, Protestant, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox, and Jewish) 1.7%, none 3.7%, unspecified 27.4%.

Bulgarian 76.9%, Turkish 8%, Roma 4.4%, other 0.7% (including Russian, Armenian, and Vlach), other (unknown) 10%.

Bulgarian (official) 76.8%, Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, unspecified 10.5%.

Where is Bulgaria?
Bulgaria shares borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.
Is Bulgaria safe?

Bulgaria is a very safe country. It scores high marks on the Global Peace Index of 2020, has a generally low level of serious crime, no real political upsets, and a complete lack of any terrorist threat. It is quite a laid-back, friendly with a welcoming population of people.

Do I need a visa for Bulgaria?

It depends on the country you are from. Check here if you need a visa to travel to Bulgaria.


Impressions of the Balkans

Impressions of the Balkans

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The looooong way to Greece

The looooong way to Greece

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